Welcome to my blog! I was going to get right down to business, but this felt like a good time to set out what exactly I aim to accomplish by writing things publically available on the internet.

This is primarily a “technical” blog. I certainly love writing witty one-liners, posting about my personal life, or taking pictures of myself eating things - but I have twitter, facebook, and a silly tumblr for all of those respectively.

My goals:

  1. To keep a record of stuff that I’ve learned recently for reinforcement and future reference.
  2. To be useful to others looking for resources. For right now that will be a lot of systems and command-line utility oriented things, hopefully accessible to those who (like me) don’t have a computer architecture course under their belts.
  3. To give myself a reason to go in depth into topics outside of work, like for example, learning how to set up a Jekyll-based blog.

Published: November 20 2014

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